File Manager “Stuff” App, Explore Your Playbook Files, Blackberry Files And Dropbox

This is a fitting app name. You can access your files and folders, aka your “stuff” on your Playbook. You can look at your pictures, music, documents files in one place. Also using the app, you can access your Bridge connect Blackberry and Dropbox files.

App Description:

Stuff is a simple and elegant file manager. Use Stuff to access to all your documents quickly and easily. Explore the files and folders on your BlackBerry® PlayBook™, bridged BlackBerry® smartphone, or in your Dropbox! Here’s a list of what you can do!

★ Browse your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ entire filesystem.
★ Cut, copy and paste files and folders just like on your PC and Mac.
★ Upload, download, and manage files in your Dropbox (new in v1.4).
★ Open and edit files in the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ native applications like Docs to Go and Adobe Reader.
★ Search and sort through any folder.
★ Rename files and folders.
★ Create favorites for any file or folder.
★ Delete files and folders.
★ Preview photos and images.
★ Create new folders.
★ Supports both portrait and landscape orientation (new in v1.1).
★ Select, cut, copy, paste, delete and create favourites for multiple files and folders at a time (new in v1.2).
★ Enhancements to pasting (new in v1.2).
★ Zip and UnZip files (new in v1.3).

Keywords: manager, explorer, finder, directory, browser, dropbox

Download the app for $2.99 at Blackberry App World, or get the trial. For more info, check out their site.


  • themer

    It’s really a great app. One of the best designed for the PlayBook. I think it deserves more attention than it gets because this is the first post I’ve heard about it.