Over 1 Million Playbooks Sold, Blackberry 10 Devices on the Way, Thorsten Heins Optimistic of Blackberrys’ Future!!!

Today in Blackberry news from RIM along with the Q4 Earnings call along with, Jim Basillie stepping down, Thorsten Heins confirmed over 1 million BlackBerry PlayBook owners out there. RIM says they have shipped another half a million PlayBooks in the last quarter. Which trumps what many analyst felt that the first Blackberry Tablet to be unsuccessful.

Thorsten Heins, President & CEO of Research In Motion. “In addition to delivering the BlackBerry 10 platform and refocusing resources on RIM’s key opportunities, such as BlackBerry Mobile Fusion and new integrated service offerings, we will also drive greater operational performance through a variety of initiatives including increased management accountability and process discipline. In parallel, we are undertaking a comprehensive review of strategic opportunities including partnerships and joint ventures, licensing, and other ways to leverage RIM’s assets and maximize value for our stakeholders.” Moreover that Blackberry 10 devices are on track for carrier acceptance this summer, “I’m very excited about the prospects for the BlackBerry 10 platform, which is on track for the latter part of calendar 2012”

As we move into the later part of the year it is still early for RIM with Thorsten Heins the New President and CEO of Research In Motion  along with the upcoming launches of new products and the new Blackberry Playbook OS 2.o update. Research In Motion last year gained almost US$1-billion from the service last quarter, one-fifth of its total sales, much of this gained from its network infrastructure, enabling it to encrypt, compress and push data to BlackBerry phones. RIM will rise up and be a great player that it once used to be. RIM is in a transitional period with the launches of new products and new operating system that have strong support by the general public, more so because of a well constructed OS as well as potential into said devices. RIM really has implemented a new way of doing things and while they are not number one any more they have set up and many ways of deploying a “future ready” means of execution in for the next coming months. Thorsten Heins, President & CEO head of Research In Motion like many Blackberry enthusiast are optimistic of RIM’s success in the coming and present, and they will.