Splashtop Remote Desktop HD Gets a Small Update to v1.1.0.5

Splashtop Remote Desktop HD has received a small update to v1.1.0.5. Splashtop is one of my personal favorite applications to remotely access my desktop PC at home and work. with Splashtop you can go everywhere with your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ and have full access to your PC or MAC!!

SALE: Deep discount from the regular price of $19.99.
This is the ONLY remote desktop app that streams video and audio from your PC or Mac, allowing you to interact with your PowerPoint, Keynote, Word, Excel, Outlook, Quicken, IE, Firefox, Safari and other PC / Mac applications. Remote access your PC or MAC from any device!
Access your PC or MAC programs, games, multimedia content, and files over Wi-Fi and 3G/4G networks. Go everywhere with just your PlayBook without having to carry your computer!

– New Bluetooth keyboard and mouse support (left-click)
– New multi-monitor support, rotation lock, onscreen arrow keys (3-finger tap menu)

* Access your PowerPoint and Keynote with full animations and sound
* Access Microsoft Outlook with folders and archives
* Access your Excel and Word applications with 100% compatibility
* Watch Flash videos (Hulu, AOL Video, Yahoo Video, etc.), Netflix, DVDs, Media Center
* Listen to music in any format on your computer (WMV, Real, WMA, MP3, AAC, etc.)
* Access your full computer browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) including your bookmarks, favorite plug-ins, and extensions (Flash, Java, etc.)
* Access your Quicken and other computer programs not available for BlackBerry PlayBook
* Access BlackBerry keyboard with BlackBerry gesture (1 finger swipe from bottom left corner to center)

Fast and Easy Setup:
* One-click access to your computer desktop with minimal setup
* Install the free Splashtop Streamer on your computer – supports Windows 7, Vista, and XP (including Home Premium), as well as Mac OS X 10.6+ (Snow Leopard or Lion is required for Mac users)
* Application automatically finds your local computers — sign in to your Gmail account on the app and Streamer to find your computers across the Internet
* A computer with dual-core CPU strongly recommended for best performance

Head on over to App World and pick up the update