Twitter for BlackBerry Updated in the Beta Zone to v3.0.0.19

Twitter for BlackBerry (T4BB) has been updated in the Beta Zone to v3.0.0.19. This update only for bug fixes at this time. Hit the break for more!

What’s new?

  • Stuck on loading when you first enter the app and scroll directly to the bottom

Head on over to the Blackberry Beta Zone to grab the update

BBM Connected App Integration

Twitter for BlackBerry is now a BBM-connected app. When you connect Twitter with BBM, you can share your latest Tweet as your BBM Personal Message by simply selecting the Share with BBM icon when composing a Tweet. You can even access the Twitter app right from a BBM Profile by clicking on Twitter in the list of BBM-Connected applications.

New Tweet Layout

You’ll notice that we’ve made some changes to the appearance and layout of a Tweet on Twitter for BlackBerry so that greater emphasis is on a user’s full name and the Tweet is easier to read.

Twitter Photo Service Support

You can now upload your photos to Twitter’s photo sharing service when adding images to your Tweets. This is now the default photo service for Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones; however, you can opt to upload photos to other 3rd-party services in the Options menu.

Automatic Link Shortening

When composing a Tweet with web links, the web links will automatically count as 20 characters regardless of the length of the link. You will no longer be prompted to shorten the link since this will happen implicitly. When displayed in the timeline, long links are ellipsed for readability but still let you know which site you’re going to.

Improved Notifications for Wi-Fi Only Users
Users without a BlackBerry data plan will notice an increase in how often they receive Twitter notifications while in a Wi-Fi environment.