Twitter for BlackBerry Updated in App World to v3.0.0.20

Twitter for BlackBerry has been updated to v3.0.0.20 in the BlackBerry App World! Please understand this update in not showing for all users at this time. you may want to try pressing ALT +RST to clear the App World cache. With the Twitter® app for BlackBerry smartphones, you receive a high quality, feature rich Twitter experience that allows users to share, send and receive Tweets and relevant information as soon as it happens around the world – anywhere, anytime. Multi-Account Support is designed to let you use up to five Twitter accounts and even cross-post Tweets and Retweets from one account to another without switching account views. Having conversations about relevant Tweets through BBM™ has never been so easy with the enhanced ‘Share with BBM’ feature. Share and discover – all from your BlackBerry smartphone.

What’s New in v3.0.0.20

  • This version offers an even greater social experience through deep integration with BBM. As a BBM connected application, you can share your latest Tweet as your BBM Personal Message.

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