Peekaboo, The Indian Government Can See You.. But How Easily?

BlackBerry users in India can have a sigh of relief, at least a small one. Since the Indian government’s start of attempting to have complete access to all BBMs a person sends and receives, people have worried over this just how much information can actually be seen.

While, yes, the government will have the ability to view your BBM messages, it won’t be as easy for them as I’m sure they had previously hoped. A RIM spokesperson announced, “We are holding talks with the government, but there has been no issue from our side regarding accessibility to BBM services ever since our server was installed in the country.” This basically assures the government that RIM would abide by the regulations they’ve put in place. However, the Indian government’s security agency will be required to request permission from the Union Home Ministry before being allowed to even start the process of asking the carrier to send them the wanted data from that specific person’s BBM PIN.

This now raises the question of just how lenient the Union Home Ministry is, and how fast the entire process ends up being. One thing is for sure: if in doubt, don’t send it via BBM.

Via: N4BB