PlayDoom for the BlackBerry PlayBook Updated to v1.1.1

PlayDoom for the PlayBook has been updated to v1.1.1! PlayDoom, a Doom port for BlackBerry® PlayBook™, based on Mike Welsh’s flash version. It features some basic multitouch controls and (obviously) great framerates. Now the full version of Doom (if you own it) is also playable!

You can find a lot of useful information about the controls of the game and even some of the most useful cheat codes in the HELP menu, I suggest you should check it out after you started the game!

PlayHeretic (a port of another classical shooter) is also available, if you liked Doom, you should try it too!

UPDATE: 1.0.9
-A major control issue eliminated, no more erratic behaviour while looking around. In the next updates I plan to solve the remaining issues and I’m also working on a completely new control method.
-I’ve made improvements to the help menu, it should be more useful in explaining the controls.

UPDATE: 1.0.8
-Sideloading the data file (wad) of the full retail version of Doom now works, look for instructions in the help menu!
-Improved controls (still not perfect, but better than the last version – at least no stuck buttons anymore).

With the 1.0.6 PlayBook update, the game saves correctly. Make sure you update your PlayBook as the next version of PlayDoom will only support the 1.0.6 version of the system software.

UPDATE: 1.0.3
A small update released, witch should make the game controls slightly more usable. I’ve also revamped the help screen, so it’s more informative.

Known problems that will be fixed eventually, sorted by priority:
High priority:
-Control and multitouch issues (I believe I’ve found the cause of the issues and I’m working on it)
-Better GPU utilization, maybe some texture filtering options.

Low priority:
-No music. I loved the music too, but the other issues are more pressing at the moment.
-Very minor sound stuttering

Just a note: I saw some people wondering about it, so I’ll make it clear: this port will always remain free.

Head on over to App World for the update!