BlackBerry 7 Named Most Secure Mobile OS for Enterprises

Trend Micro has just published their study regarding mobile OS and security for each respective system. They tested BB OS, Android OS, Apple iOS, and Windows Mobile. Each was tested to see which one had the highest level of Enterprise based security. The tests were based off of a variety of different factors such as built in security features,authentication, device security , device wipe, device firewall and a few others. Out of the mobile systems that were tested BlackBerry scored the highest with 2.89, followed by iOS with 1.7, Windows Mobile with 1.61, and Android with 1.37.

The corporate grade manageability and security is what allowed BlackBerry to rise to the top of the rankings based off of the comments from researchers of  TrendMicro, Altimeter Group, and Bloor Research.

This speaks volumes for the security measure that RIM has put in place within the BB OS and is a big reason why the US government is continuing to outfit their personnel with BlackBerry Smartphones.


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