BBM Music v1.2.0.17 Now In BlackBerry App World

You read that right, it’s finally here! BBM Music 1.2 was officially released into BlackBerry App World as of 4:00pm EST today, April 19, 2012! Please be patient as accessibility slowly makes it way to everyone’s App World. If you’ve got the time and are extremely impatient, feel free to repeatedly refresh your App World by either pressing ALT + RST or going to My World and clicking the option Refresh List.

The default friend feature that was in previous versions which automatically added “BBM Music Buddy” to new user accounts will not be apart of this new version. Current beta BBM Music users will have BBM Music Buddy removed from their friends list.

BBM Music takes your music to a whole new level, adding social interactions with friends. Create your own personal music profile of all your favorite songs (up to a total of 50 songs) that all your friends can access and listen to. Plus, the more friends you have, the more songs at your disposal!

What’s new with v1.2:

  • “Favorite” songs and contacts
  • Intelligent Shuffle – by favorites, genres, etc.
  • More information available in invites – invitations requests now display mutual friends and lets you preview this possible new friend’s songs before accepting

Download BBM Music in App World