Help Bring Back a Little Bit of Awesomeness to Cyberspace!

Touch Awesomeness has set out with the goal to remove all “blah-ness” from our great Internet. Once a week, for ten weeks, a new Awesomeness task will open up to be completed and thus earn points in hopes of winning a prize! After the completion of this plethora of Awesomeness, we’re certain that Cyberspace will be restored to its former glory.

One of the prizes is the chance to win one of ten all-touch BlackBerry Curve 9380 smartphones. How do you win? By completing each weeks Task of Awesomeness and earning points by completing the tasks and gathering votes.

Week #1: Rock The Mic
Week #2: Fingers of Awesomeness
Week #3: The Awesometer
Week #4: DIY Demotivationals
Week #5: Pimp My Profile Pic
Week #6: Awesomeness IQ
Week #7: Followed by Famousness
Week #8: Talking Photos
Week #9: Awesomeness for Dummies
Week #10: Status Update Awesomeness

At the end of this contest, whoever is lucky enough to gain the most points wins the Grand Prize of Awesomeness: an Audi A1 1.4 TFSI!

So where all is this Touch Awesomeness in Action? Jozi, Cape Town and Durban (South Africa)! At the events, you can play at the ‘Sign Up for Awesomeness’ stations, gaze adoringly at the new BlackBerry Curve 9380 and show off your creative abilities on the digital Graffiti wall!

(Note: unfortunately, all these events have passed, but the Touch Awesomeness will continue until the last weekly winner is announced on May 21, 2012.)

Check out Touch Awesomeness at!

Keep your eye on the prize and help bring a little more awesomeness to Cyberspace!