BeBuzz 5 Now On Sale for Only $3.99!

Bellshare the developers behind the very popular LED changing application BeBuzz let us know that BeBuzz 5 is currently on sale in App World for only $3.99!  Take full control of your BlackBerry front notification LED! Green for calls from your boss, pink for e-mails from your girlfriend, blue for BBM messages from your kids and red/yellow for all your Twitter messages. BeBuzz is the most feature packed and user friendly LED notifier app. Only BeBuzz adds unique features like Repeating Audible Notifiers, On-Screen Popup Notifiers, Text-to-Speech and Vibrate-While-Ringing.

With more than 20 Million downloads and multiple awards BeBuzz is one of the most popular apps for BlackBerry smartphones ever!

For a limited time only we are offering BeBuzz 5.0 at a discounted price. So make sure you upgrade now!

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Get it now at our special price of $3.99!

Choose from 20 predefined solid LED and 12 rapid flashing DISCO LED COLORS
Assign colors for E-Mails, SMS, BBM and Calls from your FAVORITE CONTACTS
This FULL version gives you UNLIMITED CONTACTS
Assign colors for BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Missed Calls, Calendar, Tasks, Battery and many 3rd party apps
Create an unlimited number of CUSTOM LED COLORS and DISCOS
STACK 2 LED COLORS for even more color variations
Repeating Notifiers: Keep your phone’s audible notifiers repeating until you acknowledge them
On-Screen Popup Notifiers: Unobtrusive on-screen messages (“toasts”) for messages and events
Text-to-Speech: BeBuzz will read your messages out aloud, fully customizable
Vibrate-While-Ringing: Have vibrate while ringing for notifiers and incoming calls
Vibrate/sound on call connect/disconnect
Fully customizable and doesn’t drain your battery!
+ many more