Theme Review: Fresco from The World of Pootermobile

Here at Nerdberry we are always looking for the latest and greatest when it comes to themes.  Pootermobile has just released their newest gem called Fresco.

Fresco is a breath of fresh crispy air. This theme from The World Of Pootermobile is another clean simple feel for your BlackBerry’s homescreen. On the homescreen you will be presented with a nice transparent banner with a weather slot and your basic elements like clock and date. What makes this theme stand out is the fresh looking battery meter resting on the corner of the top banner. You won’t get crazy bells and whistles with Fresco but you will get a head turning, stare at your screen experience. So grab Fresco to make your BlackBerry even cooler. Hit the break for the full review!

Pooter really hit it out of the park with this theme.  I personally love themes that are minimalistic without a whole lot of extra bells and whistles that can detract from the overall look and performance of a theme. The main screen of this theme really gives you the ability to see everything that you would need to with out having to look in different locations to find it.

First we look at the banner that is built into the theme, within the banner you have the time, weather (if you have the app installed) and battery levels all in once compact and neat area.  Which will save the user time when looking for this all important information.

Secondly, looking at the navigation on the theme it has all of the shortcuts that we have come to know by heart within OS6.  M for messages, C for contacts, and so on.  The only shortcut that is missing in my opinion is the $ for SMS messages, but it does not break the theme to not have that.   Overall the lay out of the theme is very slick and user friendly with moveable icons for which ever order you prefer your icons to be in.

Looking at the performance of the theme it is very small and carries almost no impact to the device when running.  I did not experience any lag or delay when attempting to access anything on my phone when using this application.  There is also no noticeable memory leak when running this theme.

Overall I think that Pooter has created a masterpiece with this theme and I foresee that this theme will replace my current go to as the theme on my device.   As it stands right now this theme is an OS6 only theme, but word from Pooter is that OS7 compatibility is in development at this time and will be released shortly.

If you are interested in this theme you can head over to The World of Pootermobile and download the theme from app world or Mobihand.While you are there be sure to check out all of the other amazing themes that are available and don’t be afraid to download more than one theme for your device.