Do You Run Linux and Own a BlackBerry? Well Make Sure You Check Out LinBerry DM!

Are you running Linux on your PC? Hate the fact there is little to no support for BlackBerry? Well you are in luck today as there is a new option for you to use, LinBerry! LinBerry Desktop Manager for Linux!

LinBerry helps you run backups, manage contacts, manage applications, and use your BlackBerry as a modem for connecting to the internet!

What is expected in newer versions?

  • Upgrade the OS of the device.
  • Make Wipe (memory reset) device.
  • Sync with Evolution and / or Thuntherbird Ligthning.
  • Multilingual support beginning with the English language.
  • And much more!

LinBerry is in its beta stage and has only been tested on the following BlackBerry devices: Curve 8310, Curve 8520, Curve 8900, Bold 9000, and Bold 9650.

Let us know what you think about LinBerry in the comments!

Download LinBerry

Via: CB