RIM Launches Gameplay v1.2- Now Available For Developers

RIM has finally launched Gameplay v1.2 for indie 3D game developers. Not only does Gameplay v1.2 support Blackberry Playbook OS 2.0 but it also supports Blackberry 10 and cross platforms like iOS 5.1 and Andriod 2.3+

hit the break to read the full list of new features.

New features in gameplay v1.2:

Newplatforms now supporting: BlackBerry Tablet OS 2.0 and BlackBerry 10 ready!, Apple iOS 5.1 for iPhone and iPad, Google
Android 2.3+, Microsoft Windows 7, and Apple MacOSX
New shader-based material system with built-in common shader library.
New declarative scene binding.
New declarative particle system.
Improved physics system with rigid body dynamics and constraints.
New character physics and ghost objects.
Improved animation system supporting animated skeletal character animation.
New declarative user interface system with support for declartive theming and ortho, and 3D form definition with built-in core control classes such as Button, Label, TextBox, Slider, CheckBox, RadioButton. Also includes Layout classes such as Absolute/Vertical and FlowLayout.
New cross-platform new game project wizard scripts.
New game developer guide.
New game samples and tutorials.

github.com has the codes and samples on their site.

Very smart move to be cross platform. Some developers may have a hard time deciding who they want to develop for and this takes out the guess work, at least game wise.