App Review: BugMe! for BlackBerry

As people grow up and move out of the constant hover of their mother’s persistent “reminders”, we tend to forget the little things that are actually big things more and more. I personally have this problem, and it has resulted in numerous missed deadlines and appointments. I’ve gone the route of writing on my hands and arms (which I can’t really do in a professional setting) and having my own day book (which gets very heavy and takes up a lot of space with all the added pens and highlighters that come with that type organization). That’s where BugMe! for BlackBerry comes in handy. Finally a full service app that frees up some much needed brain processing and memory, all right at your fingertips.

About BugMe!

  • Make quick notes and reminders, such as, names, phone numbers, web addresses, email addresses and more. When you need to go back to this information, you can call and visit websites straight from the app
  • Organize your notes by marking the very important tasks as urgent, marking them complete when you’ve done them, and search existing notes using tags and key words
  • Create alarms for those really important appointments. Pick from one of the preset alarms with the option of LED flashing and vibration as well, or customize to suit your own unique taste
  • Full integration into your BlackBerry enables you to make notes with ease from memos, tasks, call logs, texts and appointments
  • Keyboard shortcuts allow for quick use with your already well known BlackBerry
  • Send notes through texts and emails
  • Store notes straight into the BlackBerry calendar and tasks
  • Launch BugMe! from most apps while using your BlackBerry if a sudden thought crosses your mind that you want to remember for later

Final Thoughts on BugMe!

If you know anything about me, it’s the fact that I have this amazing ability to forget absolutely everything with the drop of a hat. It most definitely complicates things for me, especially during really important days. Like I said, I’ve tried writing on my hands and using a day book, even occasionally writing things in my Memo Pad on my own BlackBerry, but none of those things were cutting it for my fast passed, high demand life. Reminders on my hands wash off, my agenda gets forgotten in my vehicle, and if I can’t remember something, how am I going to remember to check the memos I leave for myself? All of these reasons, and then some, are why I live for BugMe!. With the easy integration and alarm capabilities, the chances of my missing a deadline or appointment have greatly decreased.

One thing I wish could be changed however, is the fact that I can’t set brief titles for these notes. When I go to mark my notes as completed or urgent, the entire note shows up on the list, making it sometimes a disastrous and painful attempt at finding what I need. I find that not having a limit on the amount of the note is shown, or even a title, clutters up the list and unfortunately frazzle me to the point where I, more often than not, forget what my original intentions had been when I went to the app.

Over all, I would highly recommend BugMe! to anyone that needs those constant reminders to ensure everything in your life is completed in a timely manner.

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