iMazing Updated to v1.4.2.2

iMazing for BlackBerry Smartphones has been updated to v1.4.2.2 in BlackBerry App World! iMazing is a tool that will display you all incoming eMail messages and allow you to instantly delete these messages with a swipe to right gesture. You can also mark an eMail as read with just a swipe to the left.

You can additionally preview the eMails instantly with a single touch. In this preview screen you have also the option to instantly delete (or mark as read) the message via the swipe gestures (left/west = mark as read | right/east = delete).

What’s new?

  • Added additional customizable actions for swipe left, swipe right and double tap:
    • Reply
    • Forward
  • SMS-Support (OFF by default – need to be enabled in the Options)
  • Unfortunately cause of API-limitations there is no support for some core functionality of iMazing for SMS Messages – for example DELETE, ‘MARK as SAVE‘ or ‘MARK AS READ‘ can’t be supported cause of the restrictions of the APIs available to 3′rd party developers.
  • So please don’t expect too much from the SMS-Integration of iMazing there are not much available options and functions.
  • Configure for each of your eMail accounts an additional color code that will be displayed in front of the message in the popup list – you can select from ten different color squares: none, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, White, Aqua, Violet or Pink
  • Added new Option ‘No Popup in Clock/Bedside Mode’
  • Enabling this option will disable the iMazing popup while the clock is active. Use this option when you do not like to see any incoming messages while in bedside mode.
  • Added new Option ‘Turn LED off on Close’ Select if iMazing should automatically turn off the LED when the popup list window will be closed.
  • Switched default actions for Swipe-Right and Double-tap (just effecting new users)

What’s been fixed?

  • ‘Enable Backlight on new eMail’ should not unlock your device any longer.

You can pick up iMazing in App World