WorldDialer – Professional-Grade Phone and Calling Card Tool By S4BB Limited

S4BB Limited just let us know about their application in App World called WorldDialer. WorldDialer lets you use Calling Cards with your BlackBerry Wireless Handheld!

Key Features

  • Integrates with the native BlackBerry® applications!
  • Dial from your phonebook/phonelog without entering any calling card details!
  • WorldDialer can store up to 100 calling cards simultaneously.
  • No need to change any number in the details of your contacts.
  • Works with virtually every calling card. If you do not have one yet, we recommend cards from SpeedyPin:
  • Home zone setting for local country code

Latest Feature Adds

  • Supported languages: English, German, Spanish Castilian & Catalán
  • Remembers last used calling card.
  • Supports “dial through” calling cards server side calling card / caller id separation.
  • Integrates with BlackBerry® address book and reads contact’s phone numbers: Work, Work 2, Home, Mobile, Mobile 2, Other.

Enterprise customization and BES administration panel now available! Check out our website for this at

This product comes with a 30 day value back guarantee. More info:

You can grab WorldDialer in App World for $4.99