BBM Challenge: Your Task Is To Multitask

The newest BBM Challenge is currently underway. The BlackBerry Challenge Council wants to know how you multitask while typing on your BlackBerry. The objective is simple: have the most creative video of you doing an activity at the same time as typing away on your BlackBerry! As always, the more creativity you can show, the better.

You might be wondering, “What’s the BlackBerry Challenge Council?” That’s simple. They’ve set out to prove all those folks out there wrong who claim that BlackBerry doesn’t have what it takes! Each week they’ll release a video showing off one of the amazing aspects of the latest BlackBerry smartphone. Want to learn more? Check out the Challenge Council Project Program Info.

Here’s some words of encouragement from the Challenge Council on this week’s challenge:

Entertain us. Surprise us. Show us what else you can do while you’re typing on your BlackBerry smartphone. Can you juggle? Double Dutch? Fingerpaint? Send us photos and videos of your best multitasking tricks, and you could win a personal concierge for a month. But whatever you do, please don’t BBM and drive, that’s just not cool. To get started, just click “Take the Challenge.”
Do you think you have what it takes? Then Take the Challenge today! Or if you want to learn more about the men behind this BlackBerry Revolution, meet the Challenge Council!