Tapatalk for BlackBerry Updated to v1.4.7.5

TapaTalk the popular forum reader application for Blackberry has been updated to version  Hit the break for details on the update.

Here’s the change log for the update:

*Added Topic History function to action bar

a. Will save a topic you visit to the list
b. When you choose a topic from the list it will bring you to the last post you focused on or touched form that list
c. If you visit the same topic and touch or focus on a different post it will update the list and bring the same topic to the top of the list

*Added a simple user profile

a. Select the “post header” where the avatar is shown to check it out

* Modified picture loading logic and enhanced the loading speed a bit
* When you select a picture in a post it will load it into the browser from memory
* When you select “View” after pressing an image attachment it will load into the browser from memory

a. This is much faster than before because it would download it again previous version
b. It gives you the ability to do many actions such as “saving”,”zooming”,”sending” the picture etc etc

* Modified reply screen layout
* Added ability to disable quotes in Settings
* Fixed some bugs
* Other various things

If you are a current user this update will be available free of charge.
If you are interested in this product you can pick it up for $2.99 in App World.