BlackBerry 10 gets shown off at BlackBerry World

Today’s keynote at BlackBerry World in Orlando saw the introduction of BlackBerry 10.  The unveiling was met with much excitement and looks to be a giant step in the right direction for RIM.  Now of course the operating system is still in the works, but what was shown off leaves us wanting more, and more.  The flow of notifications is something that we have been dreaming of for BlackBerry, and the on-screen keyboard looks to be one the best on any mobile operating system.  Hit the break for a video and more pics!

As you can see from the video BB10 is something that will help RIM and BlackBerry compete in not only the consumer market, but it should also help to regain any enterprise market space that may have been lost over the last year.  Now in the video you can see that the device is relatively nondescript and looks much like the developer Alpha devices that are going to be given out at #BBJam this year.  I am sure that when the first BB10 device launches it is going to impress not only the BlackBerry faithful, but also all the nay-sayers that have been harping on RIM for their lack of innovation in the recent past.

One of the features that really stands out is the new keyboard, that simply lets you swipe predicted words up into the message you are typing, and in essence helping us hardcore BlackBerry users adapt to an on-screen keyboard easier.

Check out the video and all the pics of BB10 and don’t forget to let us know what you think of what RIM has cooked up for us. One of the specs that has definitely caught my eye is the screen resolution of 1280×768, which if course means that we are going to have some HD screens on our new BB10 devices.  And remember to stay tuned for even more news coming from the ground floor at BlackBerry World 2012!