Card2Contact Deal of the Month: BB10Jam

Card2Contact is a business card transcription service that is available to BlackBerry users.  It is a great tool for those Blackberry users that are constantly receiving business cards from prospective clients or partners.  Card2Contact is offering a promo for this month that allows unlimited conversions of business cards to digital contacts for 4.99 with the promo code “BB10Jam”.  Hit the break for full details on the program.

Card2Contact is the only Business Card Transcription Service that uses a human transcriptions workforce to transcribe the information on a business card from a picture and allow you to upload the information into your BlackBerry smartphone!!! Just take a picture of any business card you want using our Card2Contact app and upload it to us. Once we receive the business card, our Manual Transcription Team will transcribe the information for you, and send the information back to your mobile after 100% accuracy verification.

Are you still using your assistant to type contact information into your phone or relying on text recognition technology which is not accurate? Card2Contact converts your business cards into useful contact information. This is the first automatic business card conversion app with human verification for BlackBerry smartphones!!!! Card2Contact allows you to scan a picture of any business card you want, from anywhere. Our Manual Transcription Team will send it back to you with complete contact information within the app. You can view the contact anytime or add the information to your permanent contact address book on your BlackBerry. We work 24/7 to provide you with a quick and reliable transcription service.

Why Card2Contact?

  • First business card conversion app for BlackBerry with human verification!
  • Our Manual Transcription Team does the transcription especially for YOU!
  • You don’t need an assistant or text/voice recognition technology for conversion!
  • 100% accuracy!
  • In-app features allow you to take a picture of the business card, upload information, and buy credits.
  • Secure and reliable dedicated servers!
  • Once you store the data in your contact list, we won’t keep a backup of your data and card.
  • We send all the information on the Business Card. We won’t skip any details!

If you are interested in this product you can download it for free from App World here.

You will need to buy credits for the conversion once the month is up.