Flix brings Netflix to the BlackBerry PlayBook

One of the apps that almost every PlayBook owner has been dreaming of is Netflix.  A new app Flix has finally brought Netflix support to the PlayBook, however there are some limitations to getting it to work.  The app basically streams Netflix from your PC to your PlayBook, however due to the limitations of the app you will need to be on the same WiFi connection.  Hit the break for the full list of requirements and download links.

Here are the requirements for getting Flix to work properly.

  • Your BlackBerry PlayBook must be on the same Wi-Fi network as your computer.
  • Flix requires approximately 5 Mbps transfer speed between your PC and BlackBerry PlayBook.
  • When you are watching a Netflix movie on your BlackBerry PlayBook, the computer’s audio is redirected to your BlackBerry PlayBook.
  • Windows PC only. (Mac is not supported)
  • There are no player controls such as pause or rewind on the BlackBerry PlayBook at this time. I hope to improve this.

Now if you are able to work within those rules you can grab Flix from AppWorld for $4.99, and please remember that Flix is not affiliated with Netflix in any way.

AppWorld Flix download link