SPOTTED: BlackBerry 10 on a Whole New Level of Amazing

Just a few moments ago, a picture of Wi-Fi options was sent to us. On first glance, one might wonder what they should be looking for. But if you read through the different names, you may notice a certain exciting thing right in the middle: that’s right, BlackBerry 10 LTE Hotspot! News spread like wildfire this morning about the new LTE BlackBerry PlayBook, but I’d say this puts BlackBerry 10 on a whole new level. After the BlackBerry 10 platform official launch this morning, expectations have reached an even higher peak. This little visual glimmer of hope for what’s coming to our great BlackBerrys surely will gain an exceptional amount of attention from nay-sayers and non-believers as well as anticipation to all current BlackBerry users and abusers.

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