Review: House of Marley Zion Earbuds

If you enjoy music as much as I do, you are constantly looking for ways to improve the experience when it comes to the music you listen to.
House of Marley recently introduced their line of headphones, ranging from earbuds all the way to studio grade headphones. As the audiophile I am, I am constantly looking for bigger and better when it comes to the headphones I use. When it comes to brands you name it, I have tried them. I was a bit skeptical at first looking at these headphones because they looked a bit over the top when it came to the color scheme and materials that were used but when you company’s namasake is that of Bob Marley; it comes with the territory. Hit the break for the full review of the Zion Earbuds.

As I mentioned earlier, these earbuds can be a bit over the top when you first look at them. The color scheme that is used for the wires is very reminiscent of the Rasta movement (Green, Yellow, and Brown) but once you look past that you see the real beauty these headphones possess. All of the materials that are used are either recycled, re purposed, or sustainable. The aluminum that is used is recycled. The wood is sustainable and the packaging is 100% recycled materials. When you put all of this together it makes a wonderful first impression to the user and really exemplified exactly what House of Marley is about.

This is where I was really subjective with this review. I am extremely picky when it comes to my headphones and these did not disappoint. I have a rather eclectic taste in music and will listen to everything except polka and classical. With that being said I made sure to put these headphones thru the ringer and threw everything I possibly could at them to see if I could find a flaw or make them fail. Unfortunately for me, I could not find the kryptonite for these headphones and was pleasantly surprised with their performance. House of Marley really hit the nail on the head with these earbuds.
My benchmark was a set of SkullCandy earbuds I have had for a while which I thought were decent for the price. Once I started to listen to music with the Zion earbuds I truly realized how in adequate the SkullCandy head phones are. The SkullCandy earbuds suffer from muddy sound when that are at higher volumes, with the Zion earbuds there is not distortion at all.  The highs are as clear as you would hope for, the lows are punchy, without being too much. Everything is completely balanced without overpowering each other.  Over all these headphones have completely surprised me with the quality and workmanship.


These earbuds are packed with a ton of features some of which work with BlackBerry phones and some that do not.   I used these earbuds with my 9650 and was able to answer a call and speak with the person on the other end via the mic that is built into the earbuds.  Unfortunately, the controls that are built into the earbuds do not seem to be compatible with BlackBerry phones.   The integrated 3 button remote does not respond when the buttons are pushed.   Being that these were designed specifically for iPod, iPhone, and iPads this was to be expected.

These headphones definitely worth the money that is spent to purchase them.  I give them 5 stars.  If you are interested in seeing the full line up from House of Marley you can go to their website here.