BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Device Reveals Some Hidden Secrets

It hasn’t even been a week and devs have already worked their way through the Dev Alpha from the inside out. Many different things have been accomplished and discovered. One of the most recent discoveries has been a list of what we believe to be future BlackBerry devices. Why do you think that, you may be asking, and the answer is easy. Lurking in the file system of the Dev Alpha, waiting patiently for someone to stumble upon it, was a list of BlackBerry devices names. Some you may recognize, some are still an uncharted mystery.

  • # R044 – Nevada 0x8400270A,1
  • # R051 – Winchester2 LTE 0x0c001a06,1
  • # R052 – Winchester2 HSPA+ 0x0d001a06,1
  • # R053 – Winchester2 LTE HSPA+ 0x0e001a06,1
  • # R061 – Colt 0×04002307,1
  • # R072 – London 0×04002607,1
  • # R073 – Blackforest 0×04002706,1
  • # R084 – Nashville 0x8500270A,1
  • # R085 – Naples 0x8600270A,1

If you think back, you might recall that the Colt was the code name for what we now know to be the Dev Alpha. The London was a similar device to the Colt with a few changes. There’s been claims that the nearly unimaginable 10″ PlayBook was called the Blackforest, but that leaves a few other names that have yet to be mentioned. Winchester2 is detailed with LTE, HSPA+ and LTE HSPA+ which only leads us to believe that they’re the 3G and 4G PlayBook.

Lastly, we have Nevada, Nashville and Naples. My speculations are that those three are linked in some way. Much like BlackBerry has the Bold, Torch, and Curve which are all similar but still have distinct characteristics. All three code names begin with N, that’s the first clue. Next is that the first numbers are 84, 85, and 86, again, all very close. Lastly, all three end in 270A,1. Based on what we already know about a few of the devices listed above, and our new ideas, having those three things all tied together just solidifies to me that they’re going to be the next generation of what is now the Bold, Torch and Curve family.

I’m confident that many other members of the BlackBerry community have their own ideas and are diligently picking their way through the Dev Alpha to find any other information that hasn’t been unraveled. One thing is for certain, releasing the Dev Alpha to our amazing BlackBerry developers was a brilliant choice on RIM’s part. With this golden new OS in hand, BlackBerry App World will be swarming with apps and themes, just waiting for BlackBerry 10 to hit the market.

Source: N4BB