Make Your Own App With “Your First Application HD Pro” App For The Playbook

If you’ve ever considered making an app but decided against it because it was a bit overwhelming, then this app may be for you. For one thing, it assumes you have never made one and starts at a beginner level. There is a free version so you can try before you buy.

With features like:
Start with Learning some basic HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
-Learn the structure of HTML documents
-Start to learn HTML tags
-Learn some basic JavaScript
-Code Samples Examples

App Description:

After learning the HTML you will then be given the choice of using two different frameworks to make your apps. You can choose iWebkit or jQuery mobile. When learning either or both you will find in depth tutorials and code samples for download. Everything is explained in depth.

After you have your mobile app running you will learn how to test it and make sure everything works properly.

You can then learn how to turn your code into a native app that you can submit to the store! The best part about buying the Pro version is being able to learn how to make native apps for BlackBerry® and mac os x platforms!

Not sure you like this app? Try out the free version, and then upgrade.

Although it is not required, an internet connection should be active when using this app. Images won’t show up unless you have an internet connection.

Get it for 99 cents at Blackberry App World.