TELUS posts upcoming “Device OS Upgrades Schedule”, includes one BlackBerry

This morning TELUS has released their “Device OS Upgrade Schedule” that includes one BlackBerry in the list.  The timeframe on these updates will leave TELUS customers a little disheartened as the majority of the updates aren’t expected till mid summer.  The list is dated as May 3rd, so this is the latest schedule that TELUS has made.

As you can see in the list the BlackBerry Bold 9790 isn’t expected to see its OS 7.1 update until early June.  This is a little disappointing as the 7.1 update isn’t exactly new.

– Samsung Galaxy SII X upgrade to 4.0 is expected Early June
– Samsung Galaxy Note upgrade to 4.0 is expected Early June
– Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 upgrade to 4.01 is expected Mid June
– Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 upgrade to 4.0 is expected Late July
– LG Optimus LTE 4.0 upgrade to 4.0 is expected Mid July
– HTC Amaze 4G upgrade to 4.0 is expected May 28th
– Moto Xoom upgrade to OS 4.0 is expected Late May
– S.E Xperia Ray 4.0 Not in TELUS labs June 11th

– BlackBerry Bold 9790 upgrade to OS 7.1 is expected Early June

– No Updates Currently Planned.

Windows Phone:
– Nokia Lumia 800 upgrade is probably the battery fix issue and is expected to be Early June

The only real good news for BlackBerry owners on TELUS is that their Android sporting friends aren’t going to be getting an update any sooner than them.