Touch Bowling for PlayBook Updated to v2.0

Touch Bowling for PlayBook has been updated to v2.0 in App World. This is a simple and fun bowling game. User can position the ball before rolling by tapping and holding anywhere on alley. To play game user should flick the balls towards pins.After the game is over total score and highest score is displayed. Players can know their global ranking by submitting their highest score.By pressing the BACK key user can bring up options dialog that has six options-


TO PLACE THE BALL- tap anywhere in bowling alley and hold, then move finger in left or right direction to place the ball at desired location.
For a strike in Expert mode ball needs to be rolled at higher speed.
TO PUSH THE BALL- Fling the ball towards pins quickly for very short period. If time taken to drag the is longer it may not move or path taken by ball will not be accurate.

Keywords: bowl, alley, finger, strike, bowling, spare, 10 pin bowling.

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