Capptalog for PlayBook – Digital Product Catalogs

Recently added to BlackBerry App World is Capptalog, the newest catalog service that brings digital catalogs of products and services right to your PlayBook. Sales companies can create these media filled catalogs right on the Capptalog’s web platform. As of right now, this app is only viewable on the PlayBook but as soon as BlackBerry 10 is released, Capptalog will become available to those devices as well.

Main Features for Users:

  • Offline Access – once the app is installed and logged in to, all content can be accessed without a WiFi connection
  • Rich Media – Play and show any type of media for all products (i.e. images, videos, PDF files and HTML5)
  • Wishlists – Create wishlists for each client which can then be sent via email or saved locally
How To Get Started:
  • Visit the Capptalog Website
  • Find the plan that best fits your needs (i.e. sales team size, number of products)
  • Create your catalog with web Content Manager Software
  • Grant access to users you decide need access to the application (i.e. sales team)
  • Pick the perfect graphics template for your brand
  • That’s it! Everyone can use the application by entering in their username and password. Every member of your sales team can login on a Desktop, tablet and even a mobile device

Download Capptalog in the App World

Source: N4BB