iMazing Gets Updated to v1.5.0.6

iMazing has been updated to v1.5.0.6 in App World. iMazing is a tool that will display you all incoming eMail messages and allow you to instantly process the messages (save, preview, reply, mark as read or delete) either with a swipe gesture (touch devices) or via the trackpad. iMazing supports up to three different actions that you can adjust to your likings (swipe left, swipe right or double tap).

What’s New?

  • The new release of iMazing is finally supporting none touch screenBlackBerry Devices! This makes iMazingavailable to all 88xx, Bold, Curve and Pearl owners running OS5 (or higher) as well.Instead of swiping left or right on the touch screen you can use the trackpad movement to show the left or the right button. Also ‘double tab’ the trackpad is possible with the new iMazing version. This will give you the full control over your eMails (& SMS) with just your thumb!In the message preview screen you can make use of the following keyboard shortcuts:
    • [DEL]/[BACKSPACE]: Delete
    • [SPACE]: Mark As Read
    • [R]: Reply
    • [A]: Reply To All
    • [F]: Forward Message
    • [S]: Save Message

    (Please note: touch screen owners need to enable the trackpad support in the options to be able to use of the keyboard shortcuts in the message preview screen)

    Touch screen device owners (who have also a keyboard/trackpad) can enable the additional trackpad support via the Options (OFF by default).

  • The new version of iMazing will automatically concatenating multiple SMSmessages coming from the same sender.When you receive SMS that are longer then 160 characters, iMazing will automatically join these multiple messages to a single ‘iMazing SMS message’. When an additional SMS will be received in less then 45sec after previously another SMS have been received from the same sender, then iMazing assumes that these SMS messages should be joined into a single message.When you are already previewing the initial SMS the content will be instantly appended in the moment the next SMS is arriving.
  • Various improvements to solve issues when device will be unlocked (and encryption is enabled).

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Via: BerryReview