FruityPush for BlackBerry PlayBook Free Game Download

FruityPush is available for the Playbok. This is a sokoban like game with 61 levels. The object of the game is to push the fruit around into the correct places.

Game Description:

The classic sokoban-like game for a single player. The latest version supports auto-save on closing and auto-load on starting. You can interrupt the game any time you wish and then resume it later. Even better, you can explicitly save milestones and then load them back. Just swipe from top to pull down the sliding menu. Explicitly saved milestones will not be overwritten by auto-save. This feature is very convenient, especially for beginners. If you see it as cheating, just don’t use it. 🙂

Disclaimer: Because of the App World™ approval process it can take up to few days, until the latest version is available for download. Thank you for your understanding.

The latest version: 2.1

– 61 independent levels
– 192 tiles large enough for touch gestures
– step counter
– unlimited undo
– auto-save and auto-load
– milestone save and load
– levels can be played in any order
– game result dialog

– Undo stack is not saved.
– Loading a milestone resets the undo stack.

Future plans include: score table, timer, sounds and animations, multiplayer mode and more. So have fun and stay tuned.

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Download it from Blackberry App World.