Nerdberry Exclusive Sale: MyMo Mobile Office $50 off

MyMO is not only a battery powered mobile hot-spot, it is your Network in your Pocket.  High security, quick and easy access to your corperate or personal VPN.  Over 300 feet range, and can connect up to over 150 devices!  $50 until May 31!

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Compatible to tether data with Android, BlackBerry, iOS, WinMo and most USB modems.  3G, 4G and LTE ready.

Perfect for students and salespeople always on the go!  No more looking for free local internet hotspot, just simply plug your smartphone via USB to the MyMo-1002, and connect your laptop, tablet or any other devices to MyMO-1002 via wifi.  Let MyMO take care of the rest…

MyMO-1002 will tether the data from your smartphone (while charging the phone’s battery) and will distribute it an area of approx. 300 feet (100meters).  MyMO-1002 allows the admin to manage 2 SSID’s creating a secure primary connection for the admin, and a secondary connection for guests. is offering a $50 off promo code until May 31, using the code: NRD50off.  Don’t delay get this amazing router for a great price!