New Blackberry 10 Keyboard on the iPhone Soon!?!

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Thinking back to the keynote from Blackberry World in which Nerdberry was surely in attendance, RIM showcased off the new features of what is to be and come about onto all new Blackberry 10 devices keyboards. The new Blackberry 10 gave us a small glimpse of how the awesome keyboard that would use predictive text by placing words on the letter of the next located word that it predicts you would type. As well as making this a Smart Keyboard many new features of this great new upgrade to standard Blackberry Keyboards is very welcoming. What is not though is a new keyboard soon to be availiable on the iCRAP devices and we Nerds aren’t too happy about this. The new Octupus Keyboard user can:

Current the Octopus keyboard can do the following:

  • Automatically learns new words as you type them
  • Custom completion engine
  • Should work for any input language with key input (English, French, Czech, Russian, etc.)

Here are some of the remaining items that he wishes to accomplish before go-live:

  • Avoid learning mistakes
  • Autocapitalize words in sentences
  • Handle , . ! etc at the end of a sentence
  • Better handling and display of longer words
  • Compatibility with popular tweaks like SwipeSelection

Let us know what you think of this Blackberry 10 Keyboard iRIPOFF?