Update for BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha is Coming Soon

Get your BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device ready, an update is coming soon! Alex Kinsella (AK) tweeted today from @BlackBerryDev reminding developers to request features and report issues on BlackBerry’s Developer Issue Tracker. With this application, devs can learn about problems we find in today’s market, the workarounds to the problems, and ultimately the timeline to ensuring the problem is fixed in the long run. The Developer Issue Tracker is used by RIM to gather feedback and figure out where improvement is needed for future updates and releases.

Here’s what you can do with Developer Issue Tracker:

  • Submit new issues and feature requests for consideration by Research In Motion (RIM)
  • Track submitted issues and feature requests from start to finish to understand when those issues are resolved and in what releases
  • View issues submitted by other developers and vote on issues that also affect your application
  • Receive full notifications of changes to the state of any issue you submit or add to your watch list
  • Leverage the comments section of the application to understand workarounds and helpful tips for submitted issues

Do you have an aspect of previous releases that you would like to see changed or kept the same? Let RIM know with the Developer Issue Tracker!