BlackBerry 10 Titanium Appcelerator Cloud Services Coming in the Fall

In the midst of BlackBerry world, Appcelerator made the announcement that they had the intent of bringing Titanium to BlackBerry 10, but the official release date has been unknown. Right now, with all of the amazing progress that is currently underway, their estimated launch date is fall of 2012.

Appcelerator is the first mobile platform to combine the flexibility of open source development technologies with the power of cloud services.

Titanium allows devs to program and write applications using JavaScript which in turn is translated into native C code. The Appcelerator will enable over 300,000 developers to specifically make apps for BlackBerry 10 and be able to do this much faster as well.

The cloud service makes the user’s experience that much more enjoyable by allowing for push notifications and check-ins. Unlimited extensibility that is offered by using Titatium give devs the opportunity for unlimited possibilities plus the chance to become a part of the ever-changing world of integration technology and training partners.

For more information, check out Appcelerator online!

Source: BerryReview