How to use BlackBerry Parental Controls from Inside BlackBerry

While RIM has taken a lot of crap about not keeping up with the consumer market, I for one see a lot of teens and younger kids with BlackBerry devices out in public.  I am assuming the main reason is that there are affordable devices that provide free messaging with BBM, something that I know parents appreciate.  While with the latest updates to the BlackBerry OS there has been a nice addition of Parental Controls to help keep your kids from looking at things they really shouldn’t.

The Parental Controls were introduced with OS 7.1, but will be available as a download for OS 5 and OS 6 in the near future.  The controls allow for parents to control the use of core functions like the camera or the phone.

A couple of examples of the restrictions you can set by going to Options -> Security -> Parental Controls are:

  • Camera – A control to disable use of the camera for both still pictures and video. Upon attempting to launch the Camera application, the user would be provided with the message “Camera has been blocked.”
  • Phone – Limit the phone to receive calls only from phone numbers that exist in the Contacts application. This feature will block incoming phone calls from unknown callers.
The Parental Controls will also be locked with a numeric password to help keep the kids from simply turning them off.  You will also be able to limit browser access, etc to keep curious eyes under control.  All around the Parental Controls are a great addition by RIM and they help to keep the platform the most secure on the market.  For most detail on BlackBerry Parental Controls hit the link below for the user guide straight from RIM.
The Inside BlackBerry blog has also posted a quick How-To for Parental Controls that can be found here.

Parental Controls User Guide