BlackBerry 10 OS Coming to PlayBook Once BB10 Devices Hit the Market

It’s been widely known that the BlackBerry PlayBook would indeed receive the BlackBerry 10 operating system, yet no one was exactly sure when this might occur. With the release of BB10 devices going to be announced and put on the market in some time between August and early October, it’s estimated that BlackBerry 10 for PlayBook will be released some time in the middle of fall.

Today, Research in Motion tweeted stating,

“Cascades support for PlayBook will come w/ the PlayBook OS upgrade to BB10, shortly after launch of 1st BB10 smartphone.”

Perhaps their goal is to have the PlayBooks ready and upgraded with the brand spanking new operating system just in time for the winter holiday season. With this time frame, that would be plenty of time to “re-vamp” the PlayBook image and hopefully set the market full steam ahead and maybe we’ll finally see the uphill climb we all know will happen for BlackBerry.

Source: N4BB

  • bb daniels

    12 months and still nada.