Blackberry Playbook Makes Impact on Tablet Market in India!

Research in Motion has in the past had issues with India and the Blackberry but they a have been “In Motion” to change things around by appointing Sunil Dutt as their New Managing Director for India and with the BlackBerry PlayBooks Selling out in 4 Days in India making it now owning the third largest tablet market share in India!

Indian consumers also showed a strong penchant for RIM’s  BlackBerry PlayBook after prices were slashed significantly, making it the  third largest player with a 10.4 percent market share

“2012 is going to be an important year in the Indian tablet market as there are  ample media tablet models available across different price points,” adds Jeff  Orr, consumer research group director.

Along with RIM opening up new Blackberry Stores in India as well, we can only expect these numbers to rise! So Indian readers have you picked up your new Blackberry Playbook yet? If you haven’t dont forget that the Blackberry Playbook will receive its Blackberry OS 10 update shortly after BB10 devices are released, more reason for you to hurry up and grab one up!