Fungitron – The Mushroom Guide For The Playbook

Fungitron The Mushroom Guide is an app for the Playbook that shows you how to get your Android app to Blackberry. This app was ported from Android to encourage Playbook app development.

App Description:

Fungitron – the definitive mushroom guide

Fungitron is the new generation of mushroom field guides:

– it has greater coverage than the usual field guides, still it fits on a smartphone,
– several photos, illustrations are displayed for some mushrooms (which are zoomable to reveal tiny detail),
– its content will be updated regularly (available after subscription!),
– countless (cca. 150) identification parameters help to filter mushroom species, thus making the identification easier,
– there is a list for similar mushrooms, which are available one click away,
– the graphical details of the application is prepared with the same meticulous care as the content.

The application downloads its database after installation (we recommend to use a Wifi connection). Afterwards it can be used completely offline.
This version is free, contains 70 detailed species and may displays ad. Ad-free version with more species is available after registration (coming soon).

Keywords: mushroom, shroom, fungi, fungus, identification, field guide

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