Review: OtterBox Commuter Series for BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930

I’m one of those people that has to actively make sure my phone is not anywhere near impending doom, i.e. falling off a table, out of my lap, slipping from my hand, etc. Because of this, not having a good case to protect my phone is completely out of the question. Obviously there are many different cases that I have at my disposal, but some are too heavy, some are too rubber-y and some just don’t cut it when it comes to saving my phone from that one disastrous fall that permanently puts my BlackBerry to rest. After years of searching, and suffering from terrible cases, I am positive that I’ve found the perfect case for me: the OtterBox Commuter Series.

Features and Specifications:

The silicone layer lining your BlackBerry both protects from the shock of dropping your device as well as protecting all the ports with plugs. The hard polycarbonate outer shell covers a lot of the silicone, making it extremely easy to tuck my phone in my pocket, purse, or backpack. When you buy the Commuter Series case, you also get the lucky bonus of a self-adhering screen cover to protect your precious BlackBerry touch screen.

  • OtterBox RBB4-9900S accommodates BlackBerry® Bold™ 9900 and 9930 smartphones
  • ƒƒSCREEN PROTECTION: Self-adhering clear protective film (cleaning cloth and installation card included)
  • ƒƒINNER LAYER: Durable silicone absorbs bump and shock
  • ƒƒOUTER LAYER: Polycarbonate shell protects from impact
  • ƒƒAccess to all side button features
  • ƒƒSilicone plugs allow access to all ports
  • ƒOpen access to camera 


While I have yet to actually drop my phone since I began using the OtterBox Commuter Series (hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself), simply holding my phone while having this case on it makes me feel better about the possibility that it could slip from my hand at any time. I cannot deny that it makes my device significantly bigger, but compared to some of the others available for sale, it’s actually extremely thin. And it’s thin while having a double layer of protection. That seems like something that would be extremely hard to come by, yet OtterBox manages to accomplish this with ease. The one tiny little disadvantage I found was that there is the rubber-y silicone on the corners of the case that makes it difficult to shove my phone into my pocket at times, but nothing bad enough to make me stop using it.

My final opinion on this case is a definite buy. It’s thin, sleek, and a double duo of protection for your BlackBerry. I’d like to see someone try to find something better than the OtterBox Commuter Series for BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930!

If this sounds like a case you would be interested in buying for yourself, you can do so for only $34.95 right here.