RIM Files Patent for Detecting Contamination, New Forensic Mobile Devices?

RIM just keeps it rolling with the patents, but this one is a little odd? RIM has filed a patent for an apparatus for detecting contamination of an object. A lot to say but if you read the full patent after the jump you can see that this new patent that is essentially a patent for a camera that will admit a light and allow the device to detect contaminated areas. Sound a little like CSI? A light emitting device that can be used in forensics it seems that RIM is getting back to the root of it customer base with business, I wonder how this may play out in the future let us know what you think about this new patent.

It seems like our forensics team’s research…

*puts on sunglasses*

…is now in motion.



I couldn’t resist!


Read the entire patent from the USPTO


Thanks @diablofreak