S4BB Limited Is Having A Weekend Sale On Their Utility Apps

S4BB let us know that this weekend they are having a sale on some of their utility apps. This includes a battery booster app, a contact led app, a signal booster app and more!

hit the break for the app links!

We’ve lowered the price of some of our best selling apps for BlackBerry® Smartphones with as much as 67%!

Quickly wanna see who called you? Check your missed calls in the blink of an eye with Contact LED indicator from $2.99 for $0.99! Are you tired of your BlackBerry® Smartphone running slow? Speed up your device for $4.99 $1.99 with Memory Booster! Is your battery running out of juice too soon? Get Battery Booster from $4.99 for only $1.99!

Boost your BlackBerry Smartphone® with these must have apps! Get them while they’re cheap!

Memory Booster now $1.99
Speed up your device with a single click

Contact LED now $0.99
Assign unique LED colors to your contacts!

Battery Booster now $1.99
Boost your battery!

Smart WiFi now $1.99
Manage your WiFi connections, the smart way!

Signal Booster now $1.99
Poor reception? Not any more with this app!

Power Control now $1.99
Get the power to control your phone’s downtime!

Emergency Wipe now $1.99
Wipe all sensitive data from your phone with just a click!

Ziplorer now $1.99
Save on memory and data costs, ZIP your files!