Dear Graduates, Here’s How To Keep Organized With BlackBerry

It’s that time of year, where the bulk of college graduates are leaving the comfort of university dining and having Mom wash all their clothes, and heading into the dreaded Real World. With that big step, organization becomes even more crucial if they want to stay ahead of things now that they’re on their own. Vision Critical actually did a study on how the youth today use their smartphones to keep their lives on track. The survey questioned 1,004 randomly picked Americans, ages 18 to 24, on behalf of Research in Motion.

Vision Critical found that eighty percent of participants use their smartphones to keep track of their daily activities and that ninety-two percent of those same people are using their smartphones to keep themselves organized during 2012.

They also found that smartphones are used in numerous ways to tackle life’s obstacles. Sixty-seven percent said they used their mobile device calendars and scheduling apps to make sure they didn’t miss any important appointments and deadlines, sixty-two percent use a navigation app while travelling and fifty-three percent use social media and instant messaging apps to keep in contact with friends and family, as well as make plans to hang out.

Here’s how you can keep your hectic life battles at bay:

  • On Day 1 of that New Job/Internship – Transitioning to the real world can at times be tough, but BlackBerry makes it easier. With the BlackBerry Calendar, you can keep calls, meetings and events all in one place. It syncs seamlessly with BlackBerry contacts and email, so you’ll never miss a beat. When taking notes in a meeting or editing on the fly, use Docs to Go on BlackBerry smartphones and the BlackBerry PlayBook. Looking for that perfect job opportunity? Use LinkedIn for BlackBerry to connect with those in your desired field and boost your professional network.
  • During a Weekend Getaway – Post-college life means no homework on weekends, making it easier to take those vacations you’ve been dreaming of the last four years! BlackBerry Travel allows you to plan and manage travel activities. The app puts all travel updates in one place, and if there are any changes to a train/plane/bus reservation, the app notifies users immediately. On a road trip?BlackBerry Traffic, with hands-free turn-by-turn directions, gives you your ETA, as well as the most efficient travel routes based on traffic conditions. If looking for an impromptu meal while on the road, check out the BBM-connected app Poynt, which finds businesses, restaurants, movies, people and even gas based on location.
  • To Keep in Touch— With your college friends spread out across the country, it’s important to find ways to connect. With BBM and Facebook and Twitter for BlackBerry, you can stay in touch with your buddies anytime, anywhere. To spice it up, try video chat for the BlackBerry PlayBook to talk to friends face-to-face.