DesktopBridge app will allow you to BBM from your desktop

The gang over at N4BB have spotted a new app that is awaiting approval from RIM to get into AppWorld.  The app is called DesktopBridge from developer  Xitij Ritesh Patel, and it will basically allow to access any Bridge apps from your PlayBook from within a browser window on your desktop.  The app uses a SSL connection with your PlayBook and will wirelessly allow you to access your Bridge apps.

As stated the app is still awaiting approval from RIM, but if and when it does get the ok it will be available in AppWorld for $4.99.  I can’t see why RIM wouldn’t allow this app in, but stranger things have happened.  So keep your eyes glued to Nerdberry as we will bring you updates as we get them.

Source: N4BB