Download Bar Files for your Blackberry Playbook with PlayBook .apk to .bar Converter

We all know that the Blackberry Playbook can support Android Application and can be sideloaded to the Playbook either using the DDPB install or Local Bar2 application, the only drawback is the ability to get the selected bar files to begin with, now with PlayBook .apk to .bar Converter a new site that allows you to simply upload apk files and download them directly to your BlackBerry Playbook using the browser. There are many bar files available and is constantly being update by many users every minute.

Thanks to @datboyhodges for sending this one in!

Head on over to to Convert and download your bar files!

  • Dave and Jen Crepault

    None of them work. I have tried them all including uploading new apk files for conversion. Better off doing self conversion or using the official BB site. BTW there are many apk files that may not work unless they are. Android 2.3.3 apps and the such.

  • fcuk69

    the ddpb app works fine

  • Marsilas Yitmal

    non of them work

  • mintik

    How can i use this ?

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  • fuck it

    nonne of them worksi waste of time

  • dane

    check out