New BlackBerry commercials arrive in the UK

Today RI has released three new BlackBerry commercials in the UK that highlight what they feel are the best-selling features of the BlackBerry 7 devices.  The basic premise behind all of the commercials are that “There are people who don’t, and people who do”.  This theme was previously seen in some advertising that came out a few weeks ago in the UK, and it looks like RIM has decided that it is working.

The first commercial is showing off BBM Music on a Curve 9320, which is now available on all carriers in the UK.  The second ad is showcasing NFC on a Bold 9790, and then the third and final ad  is all about the browser on the Bold 9900.  Now I don’t mean to nitpick, but is showing off NFC mobile payments really a good choice?  While NFC isn’t new and mobile payments have been around for a little while now too, it hasn’t hit mainstream and there seems to still be a year or two before we really see that happen.

Either way it is good to see that RIM is not taking a back seat and that they are releasing new commercials to help garner some more support for the platform in anticipation of BlackBerry 10 coming out later this year.  Check out all three videos and let us know what you think!