Pirate Wings now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook

A new 3D game has made its way to the BlackBerry PlayBook today.  Now this isn’t exactly a new game, as it has been around for a while on iOS, but it has been ported over to work on our PlayBooks.  Now when we say “port”, we truly mean a straight port as there are stil some references to iPhone in the tutorial.  Either way this is still an awesome game.

Item Description

Meet Raoul and his strange friends in a new kind of game mixing Race and Shoot them Up.
Use your Playbook to ride at full speed on board of flying ships in stunning 3D graphics environments.Three game modes are available:– Races mode with 9 race circuits, 3 different environments (Canyons, Underwater world, Outer Space), 5 characters and 12 ships available for 3 levels of difficulty. Use your lasers, missiles, mines and boost to finish first.

– Story Mode where you’ll discover the incredible adventure of Raoul, a canyon pilot who will ally with the space pirates to avoid the trap of the defiant commander Burp in 13 original missions.

– Ghost mode to improve your lap time and compare your scores online.

You can gran Pirate Wings for the BlackBerry PlayBook for only $4.99 from the link below.

Pirate Wings AppWorld Download Link