Review: House of Marley Redemption Song on the ear headphones

The search for the perfect headphones can be a tortuous one for some, and simply a pain for others.  For the true audiophile there are so many things to consider that the average person wouldn’t even think to consider.  Personally I think of myself as being somewhere between audiophile and common consumer.  I had some preferences towards the way in which bass, mids and treble sound in my headphones but I am not completely devoid of wanting something that also looks cool.  This is where the House of Marley Redemption Song on-ear headphones come into play.

I was initially skeptical of a brand of headphones that were using the name of an artist that I consider to be one of the greatest of all time.  However if you can make your way past that, you will see that House of Marley makes some truly fabulous headphones.  Their attention to combining modern components with an environmental starting point is pure art.

From the recycled aluminum ring to the FSC certified wood, House of Marley is definitely looking to make an environmental impact with their products.  However they are very clear that quality of sound is not compromised in the least.  House of Marley uses reggae music to test the quality of their products, so you can expect for the bass to be clean and crisp.  This does however mean that they are slightly bass-heavy headphones, which can be a little difficult to deal with for certain people.  I didn’t find them to be overly base-orientated like I have found with other “mainstream” headphones like Beats.  And to be honest any issue with the sound quality was made up by the simply awesome physical design of these headphones.

As you can see from the pictures, House of Marley beautifully combined wood, canvas, plastic, metal into one piece of art.  The FSC certified wood on the outer part of the headphones is a true eye-catcher and will most likely make people stop and ask what type of headphones you have.  The other huge plus in my books is the cord that is detachable and tangle free.  The cord is 52″ long and is covered in reggae coloured fabric, and is engineered to cut down on static so you get that clear sound.  You also get in-line controls and mic in the cord, however the volume controls are only supported for iOS devices and may work on other platforms but is not guaranteed.  I was able to receive calls using the main answer button with my BlackBerry, however the volume controls did not work while listening to music.

I usually use IEM’s (in-ear models) for my day-today use, but I am impressed with the comfort of this on the ear model.  “On-ear design for exceptional comfort even during long listening sessions. 15Hz – 22kHz frequency response adds clear sound reproduction. And a 40-millimeter dynamic moving coil speaker drive for sound reinforcement.”  I was impressed with how well these fit on my ears and how comfortable they were even after hours of use.  The very nice canvas carrying bag that House of Marley provides is an excellent touch, as I was able to toss them into to bag without worrying about them being damaged.


All around I was very pleasantly surprised with not only the sound quality, but also the build quality of the House of Marley Redemption Song over the ear headphones.  Now keep in mind these are not what I would call cheap, costing $199.99 straight from House of Marly, but when compared so some of the $400-500 Beats headphones out there I would gladly spend the $200 for these beautiful headphones.  If you are someone who calls themselves a quasi-audiophile and truly enjoys beautifully built products I suggest that you head on over to House of Marley and check out their wide range of products.