Uppidy Service Keeps You Worry Free About Your SMS Storage

Uppidy is a service that you can use to store your sms messages. This way you don’t have to use your phone real estate to keep them all. It also comes in handy when you transfer to another blackberry or your device gets lost, stolen or broken.

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App Description:

Uppidy lets you store, manage and search all your individual Text and SMS messages from your phone for free. You can see in real time your messages synced to our hosted location at Uppidy.com and view them when ever you wish. Account creation and storage are safe, secure and completely free.

Stop worrying about:
*Storage limits on your phone
*Losing your phone
*Losing your important conversations

Steps for set-up are easy and fast:
1) Register at Uppidy.com
2) Download the app to your BlackBerry® device
3) Login and set up the timed interval to sync your texts…DONE!

Go to Uppidy.com and watch your texts from the moment you download onward be ported in real time.

Uppidy.com lets you also manage more than one phone per account. Search across texts by date, time, by phone or even by the person you have been texting with.

Get it from Blackberry App World. Check out Uppidy’s site as well.