Burn The City- Monster Destroys Everything

When I first read the game description I thought his name was Wanton. Nope it’s wanton destruction on the city. So I will rename him Wonton. Wonton breathes his fiery breath and destroys the cities. You rack up points and move on to destroy even more! Download it for the Playbook.

Game Description:

You think you’d like to burn the city? Wanton destruction is easier than ever in Burn The City. Unleash the monster within in this fiery puzzle game that has you demolishing cities for points. Spit fireballs to raze buildings and send those puny humans packing. It’s not just about flinging fire, though—rack up combos for bonus points by exploiting the surrounding environment and maximizing power-ups.

•Destructive, explosive physics puzzle action like you’ve never seen!
•45 levels of pyrotechnic puzzle play
•Boost your score by hitting giant wrecking balls, ice slicks, nuclear power plants, and other objects to heighten the destruction

Buy it for 99 cents from Blackberry App World.